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How to Find Out What is in you

When you focus on the big picture in your life, it makes room for you to experience personal growth.

Welcome to our blog post. Our desire is to bring you articles filled with wisdom and information to consider the best path for you. We'd love to hear from you as well to create a dialogue. We look forward to bringing you information that will benefit your life in some way; whether it be in the area of Business/Economy, Christianity, Personal Development, Relationships and much more. Let's Talk!

God blesses the people who patiently endure testing. Afterward they will receive the crown of life that God promised to those who love Him. -James 1:12 (NLT)

Do you ever find yourself getting frustrated when these little distractions (or inconveniences) pop up when you are trying to do something? They are like little gnats buzzing around your face. You swat one away and another one shows up.

Testing Produces Integrity

Sometimes these little distractions or interruptions that seem to get in the way of our main objective. You can become very frustrated and feel like time is wasting away keeping you from doing the right thing. Which brings me to the phrase "Testing produces Integrity". #Integrity becomes more than just doing the right thing, it means you have soundness, unity within you. When those times of testing comes it exposes areas within yourself that causes you compromise or give in to things you should not give into. Take a deep breath, slow down and decide what will bring that area into a place of wholeness or integrity. Another example is when an item like a ballpoint pen is made and assembled for distribution. it is tested for integrity (or soundness). Does this item meet the specifications to be sold on the market; does this pen do what it was created to do? Essentially, if the ballpoint pen writes, and retracts as designed then it will pass the test and be considered to have integrity. When it is purchased, the new owner can have the confidence that the ballpoint pen will work for them. Recently, I had a good friend apply for a grant with an organization. He followed their instructions and applied, but soon after they requested more information and then something else. Finally, after jumping through several hoops, he was declined by the group. His response to them was "How can we work together?" The director was surprised at the question because surely the applicant should have been upset and wanted to move on to the next thing. My friend went on to explain his intentions was to develop a relationship with the organization regardless of any funding. Well, long-story short, the director invited my friend's organization to have a meeting to discuss potential opportunities to partner together. This is the kind of testing will produce in you the #integrity for growth and opportunities you have been desiring to do. If my friend had responded with a negative attitude, the door of opportunity would not have appeared. Next time you want to respond out of frustration, take a moment to remind yourself -- You were designed to do some amazing things with your life, #regroup and move forward.

Here at Liberty Ministries, we strive to #empower, #equip, and #release you into your #destiny. We are to be helpers one to another in this journey called life. Sometimes we are fine, sometimes we may fall down, and need a hand or encouraging word to get back up again. Remember, you are meant for so much more.

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