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Coaching which Transforms

Do you find difficult to stay focused on your Big Picture purpose? One minute things are going well with your objectives in sight then you realize you have not done what you needed to do. Oftentimes, you may find yourself trying to unlock the potential within you that can  lead to your destiny. Derrick works with people who are seeking to gain the clarity for their purpose or to discover their purpose. If you want create congruency in your life and endeavors, then we believe our coaching services can benefit you. It's a great opportunity to take advantage of this opportunity for personal development and growth. We have partnered with Derrick Jones & Company, LLC to have up to 30% donated to Liberty. Select the service which best fits your needs to get started now.

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Growth Starts With Me

Everyone wants change, but few take the necessary steps towards it. The best way is to take small consistent steps everyday and you will be glad you did. This program includes the DISC Assessment which provides Behavioral Insights, Communication & Compatibility Tips allowing you to put together an Action Plan for your personal growth to manifest brightly. This is great for people who are Self-Starters.

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Making It Happen

This level of service is great for those who have vision but are slow-starters, perfectionists, and those who need to set boundaries to stay focused. This package includes the DISC Assessment along with coaching sessions to assist you.

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Making An Impact

Making an impact by investing in your team can be your biggest accomplishment. The return on investment can be invaluable because the increase grows exponentially. A enhanced team elevates new metrics creating new floors and upper limits that can be attained. 

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