Make A Difference

  Our desire is to see the Love of God manifested in the earth. We understand that we are many members but the same body. We are seeking those who believe in teaming up and working together to empower others grow in their faith and fulfill their God-given destiny!


  If we follow God’s plan of being a storehouse as did Joseph (Genesis 41-43), we can set aside a portion that is gathered and are better equipped to provide for others in their time of need. We believe this to be such a time where we can sow during a famine and reap a harvest in the same year.


  Becoming a Kingdom Partner with Liberty Ministries will help make a difference in your life and the lives of others. Giving helps to release G-d's blessings He has in store for you. Our partners play a vital role in our mission and so we make sure to keep you in prayer continually.


   We appreciate your financial support and let us know how God blesses you through this Kingdom Partnership!


All the Best!


-Derrick D. Jones

Derrick D. Jones

Founder, President


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