Lady V.K. Jones

   Kaye Jones, a native Texan, has a special calling in the areas of intercessory prayer, healing, and encouragement. As a Co-Founder of Liberty Ministries, she ministers alongside her husband Derrick in churches and ministries teaching biblical principles to young adults about living a life pleasing to G-d. She has traveled extensively throughout the United States and abroad testifying of G-d’s goodness.

   Kaye has served faithfully as a leader, in ministries ranging from small to some of America’s premier ministries. Her passion is to see the lives of young women to become all G-d has called them to be, and how to walk with Kingdom influence.

She has seen G-d perform healings personally. In 2004, she found herself battling Lupus along with some other major health problems. Her faith was tested and she overcame this challenge by renewing herself in G-d’s Word, not giving up on herself in spite of her circumstances, and surrounding herself with saints who prayed without ceasing for her healing. She continues to proclaim G-d’s healing power is for all who desire to be made whole by Christ Jesus.

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