Derrick Jones

  Those who know Derrick Jones would best describe him as a man after G-d's own heart. He has a genuine passion for others to find and fulfill their G-d-given purpose in life. There’s much more about his story that is continuing to unfold. People are experiencing God’s anointing through him as an apostolic prophetic voice.

  Derrick Jones is a native Texan. He faithfully served twenty years in the U.S. Army. Serving in the Army took on a whole new meaning for Derrick in March 1998 when he truly surrendered his heart and life to Jesus Christ. He began serving in different capacities, from greeting to teaching, and providing godly counsel to various ministry leaders. Derrick has had the privilege of being made a disciple, and making disciples through serving in some ministries recognized globally. This experience has prepared him to continue to be led by the Holy Spirit and step out in helping to bring unity in the Body of Christ.

   Derrick is married to the lovely V. Kaye Jones and their heart is to see souls saved, people healed, set free from bondage, and live life abundantly. They believe God still performs miracles today for His Word says “…Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord (Zech 4:6).

   Derrick Jones has been called to help secure the house of G-d by assisting Church Leadership with God-given solutions to help bring bountiful blessings. The Church is to be a storehouse and adequately serve their respective communities.

   He teaches and mentors others to learn sound biblical principles. His philosophy is if you can help others to understand how to be a good steward it will help to bring balance in life people are so busy chasing. For more information, or to invite Derrick to speak at your seminar, conference or church, please complete the form at Contact Us.


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